Jim Fanning, le premier directeur gérant des Expos et le seul gérant à aider l’équipe à faire les séries, est décédé à l’âge de 87 ans.Il était un grand partisan d’ExposNation et il nous manquera.

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Jim Fanning à ExposNation

Un message par Maria , Cynthia , et Frank Fanning:

Jim Fanning

“Salut ExposNation, Montreal Expos fans, the Fanning family sends our warmest regards to all of you for your support during this unfathomable time. We will miss our Father and Husband, but his Spirit will live on in our hearts forever in everything that we do.

His journey through life was inspirational, and he touched many lives – and we are so proud of him. We all know that he was a monster of a man in Baseball, but in life – he was even more wondrous. He leaves us all with a feeling of great warmth, and I can guarantee you that you will feel his warmth the next time you put on your Expos cap, and don your Expos jersey.

Jim Fanning wanted Baseball to succeed in Montreal, and I know that he is remembered as an architect of one of the greatest franchises to ever exist – the Montreal Expos were the envy of all other organizations for years. They were different, they were run by brilliant Baseball minds, and they received the love of an entire Country – not just a single city.

We, as Expos fans and admirers, are a different breed – and we must remain strong through our recent losses. Jim Fanning now joins the ranks of Gary Carter, Woodie Fryman, John McHale, Charlie Lea, and Bob Brodrick in eternal paradise – all wearing an Expos cap.

Jim Fanning was an Optimist, a caring Husband, a supportive Father, a wise Uncle, an accepting Brother in Law, a trusted Son in Law, and a marvelous Son to his long deceased parents – who he now joins again at long last.

Jim loved his Family, Baseball, the Expos, and the City of Montreal from the bottom of his heart. Thank you to all, and hang on to your memories.”

Maria, Cynthia, and Frank Fanning

Thank you for your time.
All of my best wishes,
Frank Fanning