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Le 14 avril 1969, les Expos ont inauguré leur saison locale au Parc Jarry contre les Cardinals de Saint-Louis, et cette partie était historique en soi puisque c’était la première partie des Ligues majeures de Baseball à être disputée à l’extérieur des États-Unis.

Un Message de Vladimir Guerrero

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Chers amis d’ExposNation,

Je me souviendrai toujours du temps que j’ai passé à Montréal. Je crois que je ferai toujours partie des Expos.

Mon séjour à Montréal m’a permis de poursuivre ma carrière dans la bonne direction. Je me sentais chez moi!


Vladimir Guerrero #27

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  1. steve gilbert dit :

    You are a true Expo Vlady.
    As good as anyone who ever wore the uniform !

  2. Barbara dit :

    I have always been an expo fan and I am very interested in being part of any event! I’d love to hear more about it and find out how and what I can do to help!

    1. admin dit :

      Hi Barbara, our next event will be in Toronto, the details are found here:


  3. Dominic dit :

    Vlad you are my favorite athlete all time, all sports. Thank you for the great moment when you play in Montreal the city never forget the great player you are. Thanks for all champ.

  4. Carl dit :

    Vlady was a 5 tool player. It ws too bad that we never got to see him reach his full potential in an Expos uniform.

  5. DSC dit :

    A true great. A guy at an Angels blog showed that he was one of the greatest players of all time by comparing a ton of stats, and seeing you had the most best years when comparing all the stats like HR, Runs, OBP, OPS+…

    I hope someone has the brains to sign him so we can see him one more time, like we did Carter and Raines, to name 2.

  6. marcel de Voyer dit :

    Vlad a quitté Mtl pour des $$ et maintenant que ca carriere tire a sa fin il se souvient!!! IL était un de mes préférés mais a quitté SES fans et Mtl pour des $$ de plus! Il a perdu a ce moment MON estime.

  7. Line Germain dit :

    Les Expos de Montreal seront toujours dans mon coeur . Je me souvient de Parc Jarry a la premiere partie du Club . Je me souviens e Vlad comme on l’appelait . Il etait un tres bon voltigeur . Dommage qu’il est poursuivi sa carriere ailleurs .Mais bon c’est la vie . Il resterait qaund meme un tres bon jouer du Club Bonne fin de carriere Vlad et souviens toi de tes partisans de Montreal

  8. Matthew Ross dit :

    Marcel, les Expos n’avaient pas de proprietaire et pas d’argent pour payer Vlad.

  9. Steve dit :

    No matter how many years and how many miles, our love affair does not diminish.
    Thanks Vlad for staying in touch.
    Steve (Montréal-Baltimore-Jerusalem)

  10. Dominic dit :

    @ marcel de Voyer Vlad serait resté à Montréal pour moins d’argent qu’il en a obtenu ailleurs mais les expos ne lui ont même pas fait d’offre. Je peux te garantir que lui et sa mère préférait qu’il poursuive sa carrière dans une ville comme Montréal plutôt qu’un gros marché américain.

  11. Jean Allard dit :

    El mejor pelotero del mundo.
    Merci pour les beaux souvenirs.

  12. Jeff Ciubotaru dit :

    Funny how when Vlad and Dawson left Montreal the next year they each won MVP awards. Dawson in 87with the Cubs and Vlad in 2004 with the Angels. The Expos will be returning to Montreal by 2020. Everybody get back on the bandwagon!

  13. Gilles Bourke dit :

    Vlad was one of the greatest Expo players to don the uniform. My personal greatest memory was Vlad tossing me a flyball 3rd out at the end of the inning. I kept the ball with me and a few games later Vlad hit a HR into the LF bleachers that was caught by a guy who I had been talking to earlier. The deal back then was that if you caught a HR by an Expos player you got to go into the Expos clubhouse at the end of the game and he would sign your caught HR ball. Except that in this case this HR was an all time Expos record for most HR’s in a season by the Expos team as a whole. So I told the guy who had caught the ball that he should trade the ball for a signed Vladimir Guerrero bat as I knew they would want that HR ball for the Expos Hall Of Fame in Montreal. I then asked the guy to take the exact baseball Vlad had tossed me and ask him to sign that as well and then I would meet him after the game so he could give me my now newly signed baseball. He agreed. Sure enough I met the guy in the corridor outside of Olympic Stadium and he had his signed Vlad bat and he gave me my now Vladimir Guerrero signed baseball. I still have it on my bureau at home and along with a personally signed Larry Walker baseball (while he was with Colorado) it is one of my most treasured possessions and memories. :-) Thank you Vlad, you are an amazing player and person and a class act all the way around. I even remember going to games and sitting in the section directly behind the player’s family section. Vlad always had a lot of family and friends supporting him and there for him at the games.