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The Logo is a stylish « m » composed of a red « e » for Expos and a blue « b » for Baseball. The logo was sligthly modified in 1992 when the original « m » was integrated to a baseball inside a red and blue cercle.

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ExposNation is seeking a Junior Web Manager for an upcoming online project. Join our team of dedicated, grass roots volunteers and baseball fans in our efforts to help bring a Major League Baseball team back home!

You will be working with a web based application and adding new products to an e-platform. The CMS for the platform is WordPress, fully integrated and ready to go. However you will be given creative freedom to install, design and write your own content for the website. Your primary responsibilities are to ensure project growth by adding and making platform adjustments, and by doing WordPress maintenance and updates on plugins.

Please email related experience and website links to admin@exposnation.com