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Gary Carter was drafted by the Montreal Expos as a shortstop in the third round of the 1972 Major League Baseball Draft.

Here’s the Swag You Need to Honour the ‘94 Expos

Meilleurs moments ExposWe’ve been thinking about the Expos a lot lately, between the swirling Montreal baseball rumours, the 25th anniversary of the strike-shortened 1994 season’s first place Expos, and the 50th anniversary of their inaugural season. When Annakin Slayd recently dropped his latest Expos tribute, we couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic. No one rocks Expos Read More

What’s the Plan? Tampa Bay and Montreal May Team Up on a Big League Baseball Team

1297581736471_ORIGINALArticle by Adam Lague These are interesting times for baseball in Montreal. Anyone following the situation is familiar with what Stephen Bronfman and his partners have been trying to do, the acquisition of the land at Peel Basin, and the recent announcements involving a possible split team between Tampa Bay and Montreal. Here’s the latest. Read More