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In 1970, the relief pitcher Claude Raymond had a excellent season by saving 23 wins.

Rays permitted to explore playing in Montreal


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This article was published on tsn.ca – read the full article here. Below is a small summary of that article from TSN.

The news was first reported by Jeff Passan of ESPN.

The plan is in its early stages, but the team sees it as a way to salvage baseball in the Tampa area when attempts to get a new stadium built have yet to find any kind of success.

Passan discussed the development with SportsCentre’s Glenn Schiiler Thursday afternoon.

 “You know, the Rays for a decade now have been trying to get a new stadium down in the Tampa St. Pete area. They play in Tropicana Field. It’s old, it’s kind of dingy, it’s not exactly the most atmospheric baseball stadium out there and they just have not gotten anywhere. And so I think this is partially a leverage play but I also think they really deeply do believe that something like this could actually work which would keep baseball in the Tampa Bay area and would also bring baseball back to Montreal,” Passan said.