Editor’s note: Ellis Valentine has joined ExposNation as an Honourary Ambassador.

Dear Expos fans,

It’s no secret that I would love to see the game come back to the beautiful city of Montreal and give the people there a team to root for. I have great memories of Montreal and the culture – from the restaurants, to the lifestyle, to the parks, and the various communities. I can think of no city more richly deserving of MLB than Montreal.

The possibility of MLB returning is much greater now than at any time since they left. With two MLB exhibition games coming up on March 2014, it is critical that people show up to show MLB that we are serious about having baseball back.

On a personal level, I’m willing to do what I can to ensure that a team returns to Montreal as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I am not a billionaire (lol) but I will be making my way up to Montreal to lend my support to ExposNation in March. Hopefully this will encourage others to come out and support ExposNation’s cause too.

#17 Ellis Valentine

Photo Credit : Bernard Brault – LaPresse