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The Logo is a stylish « m » composed of a red « e » for Expos and a blue « b » for Baseball. The logo was sligthly modified in 1992 when the original « m » was integrated to a baseball inside a red and blue cercle.

Letter from Tim Raines


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From the time I arrived as a 19-year old kid in 1979, to the greatest and most heart-warming ovation you gave me on Opening Day in 2001, Montreal has always felt like home. You were with me through all of my ups and downs, and treated my family and me as one of your own. Like Montrealers, I bleed Expos red, white and blue, and dream of being there once again on Opening Day.

My family and I thank you from bottom of our hearts for all of your support. We share this Hall of Fame honor with you.


-Tim Raines