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The Logo is a stylish « m » composed of a red « e » for Expos and a blue « b » for Baseball. The logo was sligthly modified in 1992 when the original « m » was integrated to a baseball inside a red and blue cercle.

ExposNation’s official position on the March MLB games


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Regarding plans by the Blue Jays to play two exhibition games at the Olympic Stadium this spring, ExposNation is thrilled to see the return of MLB action to our city. We encourage all Quebec baseball fans to wear their Expos apparel and attend both games.

While it will be the Blue Jays versus the Mets on the field at Olympic Stadium, our rooting interest lies only in honouring the memory of the Expos and in cheering for their return by making a whole lot of noise from the stands.

Hopefully, strong attendance and crowd noise at both Montreal games will show MLB executives that we deserve our team back.