With a confirmed member of the Major League Baseball offices attending the Montreal preseason games, ExposNation fans have an obligation to be loud and make their point at the Olympic Stadium.

We get two days to show the baseball world that we deserve a big league team back in this city.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Wear Expos or ExposNation gear. Show everyone that you are there to bring back YOUR team, and not necessarily as a fan of the two teams on the field.

2. Show up early. Casual fans show up at gametime or just afterwards. Hardcore fans show up as early as possible, because they can’t get enough!

3. Chant “Let’s Go Expos” , “Go Expos” and “Val-de-ri Val de ra” during the game in unison.

4. Cheer as loud as possible during the pregame festivities for the former players on the field, or whenever anything Expos related is highlighted in the stadium.

5. From April 1st, whenever you tweet about the Expos or baseball in Montreal, use #ExposMTL as the hashtag. Let’s make sure our desire for baseball trends online.

6. Be respectful. We musn’t disrespect the MLB players on the field or fellow fans in the crowd. We cannot afford to have any negative incidents or controversial media coverage at these games.

If you really want baseball back, you’ll abide by these rules – and share them with other fans!