Did you Know?

The Logo is a stylish « m » composed of a red « e » for Expos and a blue « b » for Baseball. The logo was sligthly modified in 1992 when the original « m » was integrated to a baseball inside a red and blue cercle.

And if this was the Stadium! Peel Bassin

stadeexposAnd if this was the stadium. We have the right to dream and hope to one day be able to enjoy a Major league baseball team in the city of Montreal and the province of Read More

Result for the Feasibility Study

etudederetourFollowing a thorough analysis of the results of a feasibility study, the group comprised of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (BTMM), the Montreal Baseball Project (MBP), EY and BCF LLP are pleased to announce that the project to bring a Major League Baseball (MLB) team back to Montreal is financially viable if a new stadium is built near Read More