By Mack Mansouri

On July 20th, 2013, ExposNation will gather together once again united, to show the world that Montreal is a baseball city. We gather in spite of all the naysayers, or those who believe that our city could go on without a team, to demonstrate our will and love for the game. It is within all of us to bring about change. Together, in a show of strength, we can make our voices be heard to Major League Baseball. We will show them that our world-class city, rich with history ranging back hundreds of years and a baseball heritage that is just as impressive, wants the sport back.

Because as much as we love our hockey in Montreal, there is only one team we’ve ever called “Nos Amours” collectively. Our Expos were more than just baseball club to us. Where other sports teams and athletes seemed inaccessible or treated like gods, our Expos were tangible and real. No matter if it’s a story told about the good old days at Jarry Park, the time Grissom rounded third for an inside the park home run, or the last game ever played, all our memories are filled with warmth and love at the thought of our Expos.

This is our chance to show everyone just how much, to show that we will never stop. It might not happen this year, or the next few years. However the torch we light today will be carried on by others until the day our dream, our vision comes true.

On July 20th, 2013 join us and be a part of history.